Get Stubborn Weight Under Control with Shaklee 180 Weight Management Plans, Previously Cinch Inch Loss

Get Stubborn Weight Under Control with Shaklee 180 Weight Management Plans, Previously Cinch Inch Loss

Shaklee 180 Weight Management


Ease of Use


Good taste









  • Effective
  • Products taste better than most
  • Straightforward format
  • Teaches lifelong habits for sustained weight management


  • Can be difficult to find if you don't have a Shaklee dealer
  • Expensive, but par for the weight loss system course
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

The statistics say we of the United States, as a country, are fat. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about 30% of all adults are obese. That’s not even counting dangerously overweight folks. Scary, huh? Even scarier when you realize that the number doubled between 1980 and 2000. It’s still going up, and includes more children every year. When I first discovered the Shaklee Cinch Inch Loss program (now aptly rebranded Shaklee 180), I was one of that statistic.

I’m not going to say Shaklee Cinch or 180 is a magic bullet, but I will say that it was a huge part of getting me on track to where I am today – that is, me today riding no less than 50 miles every single day on a FitDesk, participating in sports and actually keeping up with three single-digit kids. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Getting Started with Shaklee 180 (previously Cinch Inch Loss)

I’ve never been one to really jump on the diet train. Before children, I could always get rid of unwanted weight with increased activity and never really pay attention to what I ate. That is, until pregnancies, stress, jobs, and a failing marriage with a morbidly obese man pushed me down a road I’d never been down before. Physical activity dropped to nothing. Weight skyrocketed until I was almost double my natural size, and killer negative thinking got in my way on a daily basis. I needed drastic change.

Shaklee has long been trusted in my family for their high-quality, natural products. When I made the decision to buckle down to a specific weight loss plan, theirs was the first to catch my eye. The Cinch Inch Loss Plan consists of solidifying good eating habits (aided by the Cinch Coach software) and supplemented by 3-in-1 Boost (metabolism booster), Cinch snack bars and meal bars, Shaklee 180 energy tea (another metabolic booster, but milder to help with hunger between meals), and Cinch soy protein shakes. They’ve also recently added in energizing smoothees with the 180 rebrand, but I haven’t seen the package on those so I don’t know how or if they differ from the shakes.

One big addition with Shaklee 180 over Cinch Inch Loss is that now there are plans specifically geared to your weight management goals. When I started it was just the one plan, though luckily it was a plan that suited my needs well. All of these products have luceine, which is supposed to help retain muscle mass, as well as lots of good proteins and other nutrients to keep you going on the right track.

Eating While on the Shaklee 180/Cinch Inch Loss Program

The Shaklee Coach software provides a wide range of meal suggestions tailored to meet the recommended calorie intake for your body type, current weight, and weight management needs. Just because there are meal plans, doesn’t mean you have to limit eating or abstain from foods you like. Remember, effective diets are all about permanent change, so you can have those things in moderation. At my then 244 pounds, the software put me on a 2,045-calorie diet. Had my 420-pound then-husband joined me in this effort, he’d have been on a 3,500-calorie diet per day – it’s designed to lower weight slowly in an effort to retain energy and muscle throughout the process.

The stress here is mainly about eating the right kinds of food, eating a diverse selection, and taking good portion sizes to help build permanent good habits. Unlike all the big “fad diets” out there, it’s designed for you to eventually take the habits you’ve learned and be done with Shaklee’s weight management products. It’s not designed for a super-fast weight drop for instant gratification, but for healthy weight loss precipitated by lifestyle improvements.

Getting Shaklee’s Weight Management Products

Here’s the big kicker – my Cinch starter kit originally cost about $300. Some of the Shaklee 180 kits do cost a bit less, but it’s still a pretty penny to get started. That is, roughly the same as you’d pay for a doctor’s visit or two.

So yeah, at first glance, Cinch and Shaklee 180 products are a bit pricey. For instance, retail price on the protein shake canister is $47. I’m hearing an “ouch!” somewhere out there. Bear in mind, though, that this shake is highly effective as a weight loss supplement and it replaces 15 meals, so that pans out to just over $3.00 per meal. Anyone planning to start Shaklee weight management may want to actually sign up for Shaklee, because (at least at the time this review is being written) members get a 15 percent discount on all their orders, so the savings cover the membership fees pretty fast.

Availability is the one major gripe with Shaklee products, but that’s slowly improving. Shaklee doesn’t sell to stores, so you can get the products you want by purchasing through a Shaklee distributor or the above-linked Amazon listings. EBay sellers frequently have items come up too, so look around a bit. To find an official distributor in your area, just go to the official Shaklee website and type in your zip code to find one, or order your desired products right off the site.

Experiences with Shaklee Cinch Inch Loss (Shaklee 180)

Overall, I stayed on the Cinch Inch Loss Program/Shaklee 180 for six months. While the stress is on measurements rather than weight, I did lose about 45 pounds. With all the combined measurement changes, my loss amounted to about 30 inches overall. Yes, I typed that right – THIRTY inches. Even more important, it got me firmly back on track with my eating and exercise. It’s been a few years now and that weight (and size) never came back.

As the new name suggests, Shaklee 180 is geared toward turning you around health-wise. The literature warns that you may initially gain a little weight as muscle starts to build up, and then expect to lose about 1-3 pounds of fat per week if you stick to your eating and exercise plans. If you have the knowledge and discipline to do all this on your own, then by all means do. If you’ve tried and failed numerous times to get your weight where you want, then definitely don’t hesitate to give Shaklee 180 (Cinch Inch Loss) a try. It’s made a massive, lasting difference for me, and now I pass on the information to you to do with it what you will.

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